Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Reinforcements Arrive

Life at the quarry continued as usual. As I found large bits of bone or teeth clustered together, I learned how to dig a channel around the rock so that it could be extracted. After the large piece of rock was isolated, I learned how to make a plaster jacket to secure it in place. The process involved dipping strips of plaster in water and then draping it over the rock until it was completely covered. To remove the rock, a chisel is placed underneath and hammered in until the rock becomes loose.

About halfway through my stay, the second batch of people arrived at the park. This group included Shusheng, Aobo, Anna, and Channing. At the same time, Lindsay was unfortunately leaving the park. In the brief time that everyone was there, we went into Holbrook and had dinner at La Mesa, which had become a tradition every year.

With Shusheng's arrival, work commenced at the plant site. The plant site was located on a slope, so it was impossible to set up a shelter exactly above about the dig location. It was because of this that I decided to remain at the quarry and out of the relentless sun.

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